Fallen Champion

In the society we live in, it has a way of making us cherish our great days in hind sight because we don’t realize it was a great day until it’s gone; many times I’ve woken up thinking that yesterday was a good day. When it comes to death, we often view it the same, […]

Keon Johnson

Keon Johnson

Since I started working the boxing scene in Indianapolis, I have met several boxers and got a peak into their lives as I wrote articles about their triumphs and downfalls, but earlier today, I had a real heart to heart talk with one of Indianapolis’s fighters or opponents, depending on who you talk to. I […]

The HOC lights up again on May 7th

We are approaching another professional bout at the House of Champions Gym on the west side of Indianapolis, IN, meaning another night of non-stop professional boxing action. Every boxing event has gotten progressively better, so you can expect to see more fireworks and more edge of your seat drama unfolding in the squared circle. George […]

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